Agitators for biogas plants

The Münsterland is an agricultural region. Consequently, agricultural engineers are more concerned with trendsetting technologies here than elsewhere. The regenerative energies segment is without doubt one of the most exciting. The Steverding  "Hydromix" agitator for biogas plants is just one product to come out of the many years of joint development that is also marketed successfully abroad.

The Hydromix is a slow-running long-shaft agitator for wet fermenters. The agitator is particularly suitable for substrates with a high proportion of renewable raw materials. In view of the low circumferential speed, minimal load is placed on the micro-organism and less power is required. Nevertheless, no floating or precipitating layers are formed. The complete maintenance unit of the agitator is located outside the fermenter.


This agitator was developed in close cooperation with the Steinfurt Technical University. After this successful joint-venture, we are open for interesting new ideas.